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Donau Carbon Technologies SRL realizes solvent recovery plants with activated carbon adsorption in most different field, employing, according to the needs, processes with steam or nitrogen regeneration.

A distillation section, batch or multicolumns, working in pressure or vacuum, equipped with double effect heat recovery systems, and in case, a dehydration section with molecular sieves, usually completes the plant.


Due to our yearlong experience we developed, besides “standard” solvent recovery plants, also solutions on skid in compact and modular type 

CSR (Compact Solvent Recovery)

The recovery plant is compact!

The picture shows a closed realisation, with curtain claddings, "container" style. The civil works are reduced to a platform. In case of need, it can be easily moved away and transferred to other locations. The erection times are minimal, because the plant is supplied fully assembled.

MSR (Modular Solvent Recovery) 

The recovery plant is modular! Assembly of prefixed modules, fully filled up in factory, composed to comply with the different layout, recovery capacity, quality and solvent charge
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XCSR (X Compact Solvent Recovery)

The modular design of DCT's innovative plant, X-CSR, allows to satisfy the recovery needs of both small and big printing realities.

Strength points of XCSR solution are:

  • Circular economy
  • Reduction of raw material
  • Environmental friendly
  • CO2 emission savings
  • Suitable also for small printing industries ~300 tons/y of solvents
  • Payback time < 2-3 years
  • Compact, easy maintenance, plug & play design
  • High residual value
  • BAT compliant
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