Your EPC Contractor for Process Plants


Donau Carbon Technologies SRL offers to the Customers a large range of solutions and services to fulfill needs relevant to environmental matters and laws compliance related to emission limits.
Our main technologies concern the treatment of volatile organic compounds (VOC), and particularly:

  • Regenerative, Recuperative and Catalytic thermal oxidation plants
  • Rotor and static concentrators
  • Solvent recovery plants by means of adsorption on activated carbon and steam or nitrogen regeneration
  • Solvent recovery plants by means of water adsorption

Furthermore Donau Carbon Technologies SRL provides:

  • Thermal oxidation plants for the elimination of CO and odors
  • Air treatment plants by means of wet scrubber and bag filters

Besides the basic technologies, Donau Carbon Technologies SRL provides a range of complementary services:

  • Filling, substitution and sieving of activated carbon contained in the adsorbers
  • Suction air optimization and flow recirculation control of printing machines
  • Inks and solvents storage and distribution systems
  • LEL control system ( FID and IR)
  • Assistance, specifically skilled maintenance and assistance to operation activities and operators support through modem connections directly by our office based technicians

For more information about every single technology, besides visiting the dedicated pages, please contact us to study and evaluate together the most suitable solution according to your needs.

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